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Let's go back...

…to 1992

Batman Returned, Boyz II Men were at the End of the Road, Kevin’s questionable parents left him Home Alone again in New York this time, and the fledgeling Mind of Design was on work experience at a local Printers, soaking up the knowledge of the print industry and having an introduction into the creative world of graphic design from a designer in the next room and mixed in for good measure the odd afternoon stood in the car park waiting for a ‘long stand’ and a delivery of tartan paint.

They never did arrive.

Fast forward…

…to 2004, after a Saturday stint in sales at Currys, a few years travelling in a Mini to and from art college, a long spell within the magazine industry at Emap (now Bauer Media) and a few years of design agency employment, the mind filled with design, opened up for itself.

The state of mind now

Today the mind resides in the modern and stylish Allia Future Business Centre in Peterborough, or in the home office with Misty the cat as a company and a wide variety of creative projects have spawned from it over the years for print, web and branding.