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Print design

Print is far from dead. Get up close and personal with a nice designed and well printed piece of media that’s quality can be felt and fondled. It can say a lot about a company and what’s more, no wifi hotspots or batteries required.

Web design

HTML, SEO, PHP, Javascript, WordPress etc are all fancy web terminology that thankfully you don’t need to know about as luckily I know and work with plenty of people that do to design and build a website to suit your budget.

Large format

Size doesn’t matter in design terms so exhibition banners, a side of a bus perhaps, billboards or branding the size of an Elephant and more are all possible with satisfaction guaranteed.


It’s more than just “design a logo”, it’s a brand image that a logo is part of. Dressing your business in the right taylor made outfit that shows its persona and professionalism to the right markets. Start a new look or freshen up an existing one it’s the starting block of any business.


The late, great Tony Hart inspired me to pick up a pencil. None of that Blue Peter Tracy Island stuff, just Tony, a pencil, paper and Morph to add some laughs. Now of course it’s taken the digital route meaning new skills are required but it mostly still starts with pencil and paper.

Digital publishing

The pretty new kid in town that’s still finding it’s feet, developing and growing. Publish that novel you’ve been working on to digital devices or turn your company brochure into a fancy interactive and animated experience available for instant download.


Not everyone has access to digital tech or are fully competent in using them and some just still prefer to have reading material in hand so books and magazines shouldn’t be cast into history. They can actually work well alongside digital publishing.


This covers those sort of projects that don’t need designing as such or much planning and analysis, just formatting and layout into something more presentable than a bog-standard document or spreadsheet.

Photo retouching

Rummaging around in the attic one day, you find an old photograph of dear Aunt Mabel with a moustache….wait, “a moustache?” you say. Upon closer inspection you discover it to be nothing more than a hair on the lens and you’d like it removed so once again, you may look upon her smiling face and reflect on days past, sat upon her knee, listening to her life tales as you stroke her beard.