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Procrastination is an unavoidable habit at times so next time you find yourself wondering off into the land of random thoughts and off tangent thinking then have a go at this little design exercise to help get the creative brain back on track. Simply follow the steps below, fire up Photoshop and away you go. Tweet me @andyreedman your creations, I’d love to see them. Have fun!.

Step 1

The Band name

The first article title on the Wikipedia Random Articles page is the name of your band.

Step 2

The Album name

The last four words of the very last quotation on the Random Quotations page is the title of your album.

Step 3

The Album cover

The third picture in Flickr’s Interesting Photos from the last 7 days will be your album cover (get permission to use if you need to).

Flickr credits

Forms and Spatial Relationships – nwtarcticrose
Complained about my brains – Credit
Unkle Discography – Ulrich Jakobsson
Allan Hendry – Margeois
Hahn-Banach Theorem – Fernando Gazioli

Catharni Stern – Joispolo
Aristotle of Mytilene – Thomas Leuthard
Fort Street – Doc Bobo
Public Citizen Litigation Group – Dasa Severova
Beste – Oly Oly

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